Avian Water Treatment Systems

The Avian Line of Water Conditioning Systems

Avian Water Treatment Systems are residential and light commercial products that provide both the dealer and consumer many benefits. The technology at work with Avian Water Treatment Systems goes well above and beyond competing "assembled" water treatment systems. Assembled systems take parts from different manufacturers, that aren’t necessarily designed to work in harmony with one another and combines them to create a finished product. Unlike Avian, these systems are then unsupported by a single manufacturer or a single warranty which can lead to problems for the dealer and the consumer.

Avian Water Treatment Systems are specifically engineered from the ground up to meet today’s ever-changing demands for high quality water. This sounds simple, but it’s actually quite complex. With thousands of possible contaminants in our source water, the challenge is high, so the products need to keep pace with these rising demands.

Engineered to be the Best

The LeverEdge employs a team of experts in systems design and engineering with many decades of combined experience. Avian’s team works tirelessly with a zero tolerance mentality for failure. Our dedication to delivering high quality, responsible solutions to today’s water problems is what makes the Avian difference.