Avian's Reverse Osmosis System

Avian's RO-450 System and Faucet

Reverse Osmosis is the final step in producing clean, crisp drinking water. Avian's Reverse Osmosis, or RO, system offers you an additional level of purification when used in conjunction with Avian household water refiners.

The space saving design of the Avian RO allows it to fit easily under your kitchen sink, occupying minimal space, with quiet operation. The Avian RO filters your water at a molecular level by directing pressurized water through a series of filters and forcing it through microscopic holes within the semipermeable RO membrane. Water is available at the touch of a button through the sink-mounted dispenser, ready for consumption.

Manifold Technology

Avian's RO is built using a patented manifold which internally directs the flow of water through each filtration phase. The design simplifies as it enhances by eliminating the need for individual external connections between filtration stages.

Maximum Water Production

With its high performance Thin Film Composite Membrane, Avian's RO can keep up with your household's demand; providing an almost limitless supply of clean, crisp drinking water.

Hermetically Sealed Filters & Compact, Worry Free Design

Filters for The Avian RO come hermetically sealed inside their housings. Because the filter never comes into contact with any potential bacteria source, filter changes are always sanitary.

Your Avian RO automatically turns off when the storage tank has been replenished, and its space saving design is ideal for under the sink installations. Avian's sink mounted faucet comes equipped with an LED quality indicator light; alerting you when the RO membrane should be replaced.

For a full, printable version of the Avian RO's Performance Data Sheet, click here.